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A web scraping tool for smart extracting data without special technical skills

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Project description

The conditions dictated by the modern global market require business owners always to be aware of the latest events and trends. To do this, they need to process significant amounts of information in search of the one that is crucial to them. People must consistently and accurately scrape data from a variety of global data sources. UniDatS is developed to solve these problems. It is a unique, convenient software that allows users to search for, find, and save necessary data from various sources with one click. The user only needs to specify what they want to save (for example, keywords, publication date, title, etc.), and our service will find the necessary fields in other publications and scrape the entire site thanks to our algorithm.

Industry:Real estate, Entertainment, Fintech, E-commerce
Role:Web development
Tech Stack:PHP, XPath

Project team

  • 2 Developer
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Problem introduction

Our client required a development team that could quickly create and provide customized data scraping software functionalities. The system needed optimization to find particular data elements located in various parts of different websites. Thus, our team had to deliver a product that would help users stay updated and easily find separate information elements without human intervention.

Main goals

  • Research the topic and conduct a thorough analysis
  • Consider the conditions on which the search for the given pattern depends
  • Build a search algorithm based on the data of the analysis
  • Check the accuracy of building unique paths to page elements
  • Deliver an MVP of a scraping tool
  • Enhance platform efficiency for users

Tech Challenges

To get the solution, we had to develop a special algorithm for unique path creation (XPath) to a page element, which was the most challenging part of our work. It could be any element from any website. We had to answer the question if it was possible to find such details on all pages of the resource just by using our exclusive procedure. And we got a positive response.


Core Functionality

  • Building a unique path to an element on the page
  • Automation of search processes
  • Integration with any system
  • Elements to scale up data collection


We developed the most effective, well-managed scraping solution based on an exclusive algorithm for creating particular paths to elements of resources. Our method makes it possible to quickly transform billions of web pages into smart data that precisely matches the given search parameters. Our solution is designed to optimize the workflows of customers significantly.


  • Reliable scraping software
  • The scalable tool that retrieves data from any website without special knowledge from customer
  • Maximum precision of retrieved data
  • Well-optimized crawling techniques

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