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Web and mobile instant messaging application for deskless employees protecting their privacy and free time

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Project description

We created a convenient product for companies allowing them to communicate efficiently with their deskless workers without violating their privacy. The advanced signup system enables users to protect their personal smartphone numbers and avoid storing personal contact details. 

This application allows direct contact between employees, departments, and company management from a phone (mobile app) or a computer (web app). Users can send various types (work shift sheets, vacation calendars, sick leaves, etc.) and formats (audio, video, photos, etc.) of documents. It also can ensure that appropriate employees receive the relevant information and get the notification “Read” with the timestamp when a person has read the document.

The notification system is designed not to disturb employees during their breaks and personal time. It is 100% GDRP compliant.  

Industry:Enterprise, Healthcare
Platforms:Web, Mobile
Role:Software developer, IT consultant
Tech Stack:Node.js, React.js, React Native

Project team

  • 3 Developer
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 1 PM
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Problem introduction

Our client wanted to build a secured corporate messenger for internal operational communication and work coordination between various members of the working process that would have a web application with a series of features only available for administrators and a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. 

The product had to be easy to use with a high level of personal data protection, allowing to provide reliable acknowledgment of receipts, simplify receiving feedback, and build “direct relations” between HR staff, heads of the departments, and employees.

Main goals

  • Create a convenient product for deskless employees and employers
  • Cover iOS and Android platforms with native mobile solutions
  • Deliver a web app with an advanced admin panel
  • Build a compound notification system
  • Ensure secure signing up on application
  • Meet GDPR compliance

Tech Challenges

We had to develop a signup system allowing users to sign up with a QR code,  SMS, and a special link. When we started working on the project, such applications didn’t use the last option. By signing up with a phone number, a user could do it privately, and nobody could see it, thus providing a high level of privacy. 

Working with the notification system, the client wanted us to add the option to receive notifications only during working hours and enable departments to attach documents with a note “READ” and the timestamp.

We can proudly say that meeting all these demands was one of the project’s most pleasant and satisfying parts.


Core Functionality

  • Diverse file formats attaching
  • Admin panel
  • Integration with Messente and Google Firebase
  • Convenient functionality
  • Various ways to signup
  • Advanced Acknowledge messaging
  • Broad multidevice push notifications


The result of our work is a high-quality app developed for the iOS and Android platforms. It is also available as a web app for those who do not want to install a corporate app on their personal smartphones and for the company’s managers and HR staff. 

The app’s primary function is to ensure a secure way to communicate with deskless employees. It has advanced signup and notification systems. The admin panel for two roles, SuperAdmin and Organization Administrator, allows performing various actions like creating, editing, deleting, or blocking users,  inviting new users, searching for particular members, assigning roles, adding users to different groups, etc. The admin panel has extensive functionality. 

The product has GDPR compliance enabling users to delete their accounts and completely erase their personal data from the system. Our team developed a system that guarantees the secure processing of personal data.


  • User-friendly web application, an intuitive admin panel
  • User-friendly mobile application for deskless employees
  • Advanced signup system
  • Integration with Messente and Google Firebase
  • Advanced push notifications
  • GDRP compliance documentation
  • Acknowledge messages

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