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Why marketing agencies should partner with software companiesBack

Why marketing agencies should partner with software companies

Have you ever thought about partnership? Do you realize partnership is a perfect way to expand business and boost performance? No matter how good your company is, one organization just can’t cover everything clients may want. This is where partnership comes into play. 


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There are thousands of creative agencies. Customers today are spoiled with choice, that’s why being competitively strong is extremely important. Let’s describe a portrait of modern clients in literally any industry. So, they’re picky, have little time for searches or unnecessary actions, are impatient and crave getting everything at once. All these peculiarities take a heavy toll on marketing agencies. Customers never want pure marketing services without any relation to software. Being more precise, if they ask for marketing services, they need to apply them to their software. One can’t go without another, so creative companies should find ways out of this challenging situation.



Clients want a full-scale service

It’s obvious that customers need more than one service for boosting their company’s performance. Earlier, they’d search for different services in various places, but today they know they can get a full-scale service and avoid wasting time on looking for more than one marketing agency. So, if you can’t give customers a complete pack they need, be sure they’ll go find it somewhere else. You may be the best creative organization in the country or even abroad, but you’ll lose because your offer doesn’t meet clients’ demand.  

Solution: Get a technical partner. Expand your offerings. This way you’ll show customers your company’s everything they need for achieving the results they crave.

No IT infrastructure

You may have pretty cozy offices, but do you have systems security? Alas, creative agencies lack IT substructure. Every firm needs monitoring, maintaining databases, keeping an eye on security and lots of other aspects achievable only with a technical background. For its own performance, each agency needs software with technical maintenance more than they think. Since marketing agencies are creative parties that work on visual and emotional aspects, loading time scores and code quality often remain unnoticed. 

Solution: Look for a tech partner. The best thing you can do for your business is to take care of it. Before offering something to clients, make sure your systems are secure enough. A software company will help you check them all and set a proper security level. 

No testing teams 

Marketing and development processes are tightly tied together. Note that marketing depends on development more than development depends on marketing. Loading time, usability, design, bugs — everything impacts marketing campaigns performance. If there’s no appropriate technical background behind a product, selling or promoting this product will be extremely difficult.

Let’s say you’ve got a client that asks for their site promotion. You take an order and start working on it. In the middle of the working processes, when rejecting the project is impossible because a contract has already been signed, you realize the product is of poor quality — all your attempts in selling it by marketing means are in vain. Many companies think that potential customers are silly and will blindly follow what an ad says. However, that’s a big mistake. While some are really blind consumers, others will check products you offer understanding they aren’t worth their money. As a creative agency, in the eye of customers you’ll be the one to blame there are no active leads, when in fact the problem lies in technical processes. 

Solution: Find a technical partner. Software companies have stable QA teams that can thoroughly test a product before you sign an agreement and report all the issues to you so that you can analyze the product including the perspectives of its promotion. If there are tech issues, you won’t have to reject the order. Instead, your technical partner can get rid of any problems on their part providing you with products perfectly ready for adjusting marketing solutions.  

Fewer clients = higher prices = fewer clients

You’re just going round in circles. Traditional marketing agencies have fewer customers than their full-scale competitors. This results in charging each client more, because it’s obvious you need to earn money to keep your business alive. In turn, higher prices hold customers off your service. 

Solution: Search for a technical partner. Software engineering companies have much more experience working with a larger number of clients. While your customers may need IT services, their clients will definitely need marketing services. Get it? It’s a win-win collaboration.


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Your own small programming tasks

Let’s forget clients’ needs and talk about yours a little. Obviously, you also want to promote your service which today can’t be done offline only. You surely have your own small tech tasks that should be completed by professionals. Typically, creative agencies handle such issues with the help of freelance services or part-time IT experts. Come on, let’s face the truth — that’s not enough. You often need to create landing pages, email HTML templates for CRM, apply updates to websites or applications, deal with optimization, etc. However, if you do the cost-benefit analysis, you’ll see that hiring a full-time engineering team isn’t a rational decision for creative firms. It’s time-consuming and expensive. You’re a marketing organization not a development company, which means you don’t need software engineers in-house every day.  Hence, even if it sounds like an appealing idea and if you have a lot of customers that ask you for engineering services, it’s not worth the effort. So, what’s the way out of this situation?  

Solution: Start partnership with a software company. They’ll take care of all the above mentioned points. First, it’ll cost you much less. Second, you’ll reach more clients.



There are lots of reasons why creative agencies start collaboration with software engineering companies. In the long run, the most common reasons are:

  • Their own technical challenges

  • Customers asking for tech services

  • Their will to expand their services and get bigger income

Besides improving situations with these 3 cooperation reasons, you will get the following benefits:

Flexibility & lower cost. All you need is to find a right partner that will bring you even more experience and know-how than an in-house team would. If you choose partnership with a mature development company, you can count on maximum productivity. The reason is that most talented engineers long to work at software companies, not at creative agencies. Additionally, a perfect software company has their own efficiencies, alternate ways, and management systems.

Experience diversity. Engineering companies have constant spate of orders. They work with numerous industries, which number is constantly increasing. They won’t have any difficulties with either your or your clients’ tech issues because they’re real professionals who do this job every day for many years. Having all this experience beneath their belt, your tech partner will give you wise advice, provide you with thorough consulting and outstanding engineering. You may think you know everything you need from developers you are gonna work with, but a good tech partner will reveal new insights you might have never thought of.  

Full-scale service & more clients. This point is probably the one why you even want to get into cooperation with a software development company. You’ll become a competitive agency that now offers a set of services that marketing sharks do. Well, this is a totally new level for your business. It’s up to you: to go for it opening your doors for new amazing achievements or reject cooperation opportunities failing to gain traction. 



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Powercode is a software engineering and IT consulting company with years of experience beneath its belt. Powercode provides technical and tech-creative services to customers worldwide. We have 6 offices in 4 countries and more than 100 software engineers in our regular staff. 


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As we provide full-cycle development services, you can be sure you won’t have a need to find one more technical partner. The following services are available at Powercode: web development, mobile development (iOS and Android), UI/UX design, IT consulting, business analysis, DevOps, quality assurance, product branding including logo, brand book, slogans and naming creation etc. 


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Multi-fold experience. Our engineers can develop software for any industry. That’s not because they just know they can and truly believe in their super powers. They really can because they did it many times continuing doing it today. Every expert working at Powercode has never had pauses in practicing. They know what they do, and they do it perfectly.

Flexible approaches. We don’t tar all with one brush because we know every project is unique and requires special approach. Each project is analyzed individually. Thus, we always choose an approach that’s the most appropriate and convenient for a client.

International clients. We are trusted by customers worldwide and have solved lots of technical issues for businesses in the USA, Germany, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and so forth. 

Outstanding projects. We build projects that work for our clients leading them to the desired result faster and easier. 

Marketing experience. Our big team has experience working with creative agencies, so you can be sure it’ll be pleasant and fruitful cooperation. 



As one can see, to become a competitive firm that attracts more customers, you need to redefine your services assortment. The best direction here is internet technologies as any enterprise needs tech solutions today. You can surely try an in-house development team, but this choice is reasonable only if you can afford such an expensive department permanently, if you are sure you have constant demand on tech services, and if the demand you face meets certain skill sets. The last point is the most challenging and almost impossible. You will have different clients with various requirements and needs. Consequently, you’ll need different technologies, programming languages and so on to meet the demand. It means you will need to have too many in-house developers — a separate IT department within your creative agency, which is too expensive and time-consuming. Note that hiring an in-house engineering team, you need to fit with all three conditions mentioned above. Otherwise, you’ll face bankruptcy. If you are considering freelancers, be ready for the risks you might face. Hiring freelancers, you will face the weaker relationship and unpredictable behavior.

Establishing partnership with a software company, you get a team that has a respectable name already and offers you their experts that will work on your behalf. You won’t have to control the working processes of your partner’s team because they have project managers and will dedicate one to work on your projects. 

We mentioned three options — which one to choose is up to you. For the sake of your business, we just ask you to consider all the pros and cons of each. 


a citation from Powercode