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How We Build High-Performance Teams for New ProjectsBack

How We Build High-Performance Teams for New Projects

If you’ve ever wondered how we gather teams perfect for the projects, you are about to find out what team assembling processes we have at Powercode!

Depending on the client’s urgency and the extensiveness of the team, it may take a few days or a few hours. Powercode is an international software development agency that supports the UN Global Compact principles in Human Rights and other areas and provides the most comfortable working conditions for the employees. Thus, the project members may be from one city or work remotely from any country they desire. 


How We Select Specialists for Projects

The first step of the team assembling process is always about the client. Before we even start thinking about what technical and non-technical specialists will be engaged in the projects, we study the client’s requirements and needs. 

After we get a complete picture of what the client wants to receive as a final result, our top engineers define what back-end, front-end, mobile, and other technologies will ensure the best result. After the main and alternative technological stacks are determined, we launch the team gathering process.

The process of considering experts for the project is divided into two main steps:

Step 1: Selecting the best candidates from all available specialists by the Powercode managers.

Step 2: Organizing individual interviews, so the client can talk to each of the selected specialists and decide which candidate is perfect for their project.


Where We Find Skilled Project Team Members

To make our collaboration with the clients possible and maximum effective, we have several ways of finding talented experts for the new projects.

Our Talent Pool

The first and foremost source of technical and non-technical experts is our internal talent pool. Specialists already working at Powercode have proved their hard and soft skills in practice, so the managers know their expertise and assemble the dream team for the new project.

At Powercode, we monitor and evaluate all specialists to create comfortable growth conditions and ensure that our clients are satisfied with the result and receive the best experience with our collaboration. In addition to hiring new specialists, we create them! In the Powercode Academy, we train and educate people who want to become IT specialists. Additionally, at least once a month, we organize open meetups where our specialists can learn something new and useful for their software development expertise.

Our tech expertise is extensive and continuously grows in the number of technologies and the quality of skills among our software engineers.

Software development technologies stack

Good Old Recruiting

In case when our new client urgently needs an expert in a particular technology but the ones in our team are all engaged on the projects, we put all our recruitment and HR resources to find a great candidate to join our team and the project.

Our recruiting team is always looking for technical and non-technical candidates with good hard and soft skills. This continuous search allows us to have a pool of great candidates we can hire within a reasonable time-frame.

Collaboration with EASE 

Being the co-founder and an active member of the European Association of Software Engineering allows us to find excellent specialists for a new project within a few days or even hours. EASE is the partnership of several software development companies in terms of creating an IT community and collaborating on complex projects. Thus, if we cannot provide engineers due to strict deadlines, we involve them from the most reliable association members without cost increase. 

Software development engineers we find with EASE assistance are great experts in their respective fields, so we know that all project team members have a solid set of knowledge and skills.


What Clients Say about Powercode

We are pleased that our clients appreciate all the efforts we put into gathering the best team for every project. Since we have outstanding experts at Powercode, creating a great team is easy for us. Here’s one of the client reviews we have on Clutch.

Powercode client review on Clutch

We want our clients to be fully satisfied with our collaboration and choose our team again and again for their new projects or upgrading their existing products. Making our clients satisfied is our top priority, and we value every one of our returning clients. One of such clients is the founder of the outstanding educational platform Lessons – Lyubcho Toshev. We helped him to develop the Lessons digital platform back in 2018, and we are proud to say that he chooses us for its upgrade and enhancement.

Powercode client review on service quality

Powercode client second review on service quality

Powercode client third review on service quality

We hire and collaborate with specialists who desire to do more for the client and create outstanding and high-quality digital products.

Powercode client review on fast engineer seeking

When you love what you’re doing, you’re good at it, and you genuinely want to help people make their business ideas real, your clients will always be comfortable collaborating with your team.

Two more client reviews on team gathering quality


Final Words

Assembling new project teams isn’t challenging for Powercode for several reasons, such as:

– big in-house team of talented, skilled, and motivated specialists,

– good reputation among specialists, 

– skilled recruiters and HR specialists,

– collaboration with EASE,

– being a trusted IT community member, etc.

Being in good relationships with specialists, clients, partners, and even competitors is a key to the most effective and comfortable work.

As a company that provides software development in UK, USA, and other countries worldwide, we always strive for the most comfortable long-term collaboration with our clients, partners, and employees. So, if you’re looking for a trusted and skilled team to work on your project, don’t hesitate to contact us right away!