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A food ordering platform connecting customers with hundreds of quality restaurants near them

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Project description

Our team created a comprehensive platform to facilitate lunch ordering and save precious time for busy food lovers. The algorithm of its operation is easy and clear. The customer buys a bundle for a needed number of ready meals on a fixed price basis, browses nearby restaurants, selects lunch sets, and quickly picks them up from the nearest collection point. The platform offers vast menu choices featuring many national cuisines as well as healthy and veggie options. It also gives access to a referral program. 

Our solution provides a user-friendly web dashboard for partner restaurants. It is designed for a vendor role and master admin, who manages all partners. We also thought out and developed a complex service admin panel for managing users.

Platforms:Mobile, Web
Role:Software developer, IT consultant
Tech Stack:Swift, Kotlin, React.js, Retool, Node.js, PostgreSQL

Project team

  • 1 Developer
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 PM
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Problem introduction

Our client wanted to develop a platform combining a native mobile application for online food ordering and delivering with a web dashboard and possibilities to manage users. The app should be available for both iOS and Android. A user had to enter their location, and they would be shown all the restaurants providing ready lunch sets nearby them. They had to do it only on weekdays at agreed times. The user also should have been able to study available restaurant options and meal plans before signing up and purchasing.

The partner restaurants should have the possibility to manage orders, create food campaigns, schedule availability times, and set the number of dishes.

Main goals

  • Develop a user-friendly online food ordering platform
  • Cover iOS and Android platforms
  • Introduce a multifunctional web dashboard and admin panel
  • Provide payment and location search systems
  • Integrate messaging system

Tech Challenges

The Powercode team had to develop a beneficial food ordering app within a limited time frame and budget. In addition, the unique nature of this project necessitates careful study and comprehensive approaches due to numerous specific elements and conditions. One of such terms was the necessity to collaborate with several teams from various countries that developed certain platform elements. So we had to adapt and deal with their delays and unforeseen situations. 

Another challenge was constantly changing the scope of work and unfinished business logic on the part of the customer. We also had to create a complex Admin panel covering many business processes. Nevertheless, our flawless and uninterrupted operation and vast experience and expertise resulted in our taking over the development of the mobile side of the project, testing, and supervising the entire project. 

We can proudly declare that we succeeded in building and providing the client with the fastest food ordering solution with user-friendly characteristics and rich features on time and at a high level.


Core Functionality:

  • An easy and transparent in-app ordering process
  • Push notification system
  • In-app payments
  • Integrated messaging system
  • Accurate GPS capabilities
  • Dishes cards management
  • Customized restaurant page
  • Time management system for scheduling available hours
  • Possibility of managing quantity of ready meals


The Powercode team developed a unique platform that manages orders of ready-made lunches with the highest efficiency. It is a convenient and user-friendly solution meeting all users’ expectations with accuracy. They do not have to spend much time understanding the features. Everything from choosing lunch sets to paying for credit bundles is transparent and logically organized. The application streamlines the process of ordering and taking lunches. 

The application supports online ordering, paying, and in-restaurant pick-ups. It enables users to order dishes from a daily curated menu and set notifications to remind them about their orders. Built-in maps allow choosing the nearest collection point to their place to pick up the order. A person can book multiple lunches per day. 

Restaurants can change their menus and dishes daily without additional support. They can also change prices, add and edit cards of dishes, and customize their page to their needs and requirements on the web dashboard.


  • iOS and Android apps for customers
  • Web dashboard for partner restaurants
  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface
  • Instant and reliable payment processing
  • A convenient service admin panel

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