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A corporate website for a company that researches labor migration and creates modern technological solutions in the field of recruiting

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Project description

The Astarta website includes an opportunity for employers to contact the company to follow up with information on what vacancies they have and who they need. The potential employee can also leave their contact information along with a resume or other contact form so that Astarta can help them find the job they are seeking. In addition to general information and company information, this site has a blog where they share the latest labor market information and trends.

Industry:Organizations, Recruiting
Role:Software developer, IT consultant
Tech Stack:PHP, Wordpress, MySQL, ACF, Yoast SEO, Polylang, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, etc

Project team

  • 1 Developer
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 DevOps
  • 1 PM
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Problem introduction

The main task was to create a website based on the design provided by the client. However, upon the initial review of the client-provided design, our team encountered several challenges. Firstly, our designer identified significant design flaws that, if unaddressed, would inevitably hinder the site’s usability. These issues not only necessitated additional work but also prompted a reassessment of the design’s feasibility. Secondly, the client’s requirement to incorporate multi-language support in the future introduced another layer of complexity to the project. This feature, while enhancing the site’s accessibility to a broader audience, demanded a scalable and flexible development approach to accommodate additional languages without compromising site performance or user experience. In summary, the project’s primary objective was to develop a user-centric website that effectively connects employers with job seekers, supported by a knowledge-sharing platform through its blog

Main goals

  • Design optimization
  • Website development
  • Contact forms implementation
  • Implementation of an admin panel with the ability to edit all content on the site
  • Implementation of multilanguage support with the possibility to add new languages independently by the content maker

Tech Challenges

The initial design provided by the client contained usability flaws that could potentially hinder the user experience. The challenge lay in identifying these issues and reimagining the design without straying from the client’s vision. Creating a website that was both responsive and scalable presented a significant technical hurdle. The site needed to perform seamlessly across a variety of devices and screen sizes, from desktops to smartphones, necessitating a responsive design approach. Additionally, the backend architecture had to be robust enough to support future growth, such as increased traffic or additional features. Developing an admin panel that was both comprehensive and intuitive posed its own set of challenges. The panel needed to allow non-technical staff to easily edit all content on the site, from blog posts to job listings, without direct developer intervention. This required a custom content management solution that was flexible yet straightforward. Implementing multilingual support was a multifaceted challenge. The website had to be accessible in multiple languages from the outset, with the infrastructure to add new languages as needed. This involved not just translating content but also ensuring that all aspects of the site, including UI/UX elements, were adaptable to different languages and cultural contexts. Moreover, empowering content makers to add new languages independently required a user-friendly interface and a dynamic content management system. SEO and Accessibility Compliance: Making the site SEO-friendly required adherence to best practices in web development. This included semantic HTML, proper use of header tags, and alt attributes for images.

Core Functionality:

  • Employer Job Posting
  • Job Seeker Resume Submission
  • Admin Panel for Content Management
  • Multilingual Support
  • Blog
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimization
  • Breadcrumbs


Based on the design analysis, a concept for design revisions was developed and presented. This included providing a visually appealing and intuitive user experience as well as adhering to web development standards. A responsive design approach was used to ensure optimal display and functionality of the site on a variety of devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones. This was accomplished using responsive layouts, images, and CSS. To improve the site’s visibility in search results, all SEO techniques submitted by the client in the audit for the conducted for their site were implemented. This included optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, headings and making sure all content was accessible and indexable by search engines, adding google service integrations to raise the visibility of the site. Various performance optimization techniques such as compressing images, minifying CSS and JavaScript files, and using browser caching were applied to ensure the site loaded quickly and efficiently. Extensive testing was carried out to identify and fix any issues. This included functional testing, usability testing, performance testing and security audits to ensure the website was reliable, efficient and secure. Once the testing and quality assurance on the staging was completed, the website was deployed in a live environment. This included moving files to the web server, configuring the server, and making the site accessible.


  • The UI/UX design was optimized greatly.
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile responsive layouts were implemented.
  • All site content can be updated from the admin panel, with no coding and UI bugfixing.
  • We carried out SEO updates according to the provided audit report.
  • Multilanguage support was implemented along with an ability to add new language versions via admin panel and without any coding.

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